5 Jul 2011

Konomi Kono

Konomi Kono(こうのこのみ 1926-2006) is an artist and illustrator in Japan. 

She used to love a lot of beautiful and pretty things in her whole life and people who love them as well as her.
In addition, she was both antique French dolls and doll’s houses collector; their collections are represented herself and influenced her art works.
She loved children and she supported them as an artist. Although she was dead in 2006, her charity post cards are still supporting poor children through the UNICEF.

[Selected exhibitions]
2003  “Flightseeing” Chgasaki City Museum of ART. Kanagawa
2001  Gallery Bungeishunju, Tokyo
1996,5  World peace Art Exhibition
1992  “Fantastic World” the Hiratsuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa

[Selected Published]
Post cards
1986  UNICEF
2000, 2008 the Japan Committee for UNICEF

2009-2011  Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Dome City
NISSAN Motor co., Ltd.
Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.

Childrens' books
いっしょにおよごうおつきさま” (1987) 佼成出版社
鮎と鰐揃の時”(1987) 学芸書林                           
きっとだれか”(1984) 中央出版
蝶花嬉遊図” (1980) 講談社
リキのずっこけじてんしや”(1975) 偕成社

Artist books
風船旅行” (1980) 講談社
なっかしい英語のうたリボン色の夢路”(1983) 教育社
吟遊見聞録” (1990) Sanrio
Ojiya City
Gakkou Kosei Kai, Hyogo
Some Kindergartens