25 Jun 2011

About us.

The Ginnohoshi Atelier(Ginnohoshi) is a studio that is organised by Riusuke and Rie Kono. It is located in Chigasaki city where 60km is rural in Tokyo, Japan. As an artist-let organisation, Ginnohoshi is creating new attractive art works that are inspirited by something to fun, beautiful and a lot of balloons.(the Balloon is our key icon)
Moreover, Ginnohoshi also manages works of Konomi and Hideo Kono who were popular artists in Japan and they established this studio.

If you have some questions or interests about our studio or our artists, please contact us without constraint. It is our pleasure to answer your questions.
Our e-mail address is kiri.kono@gmail.com. We can accept both English and Japanese.

Copy right policy
All images are owned by the Ginnohoshi Atelier. If you want use them, please contact us.

Hope you have a good time in our blog.